CC has a new home! The little princess tricked both Karen and I when it came to her weight. She charted in at almost 7ozs when she was born. In a perfect text-book world, that would equate to a 7lb adult weight. I never use the charts to state adults weights, but it usually works as a wonderful guide to help estimate using a puppies parents and past 6 generations to make my educated guess. Blue’s puppies ALWAYS throw me a huge curve ball and CC’s tiny weight is the proof!

Both Karen and I are not comfortable breeding females under 5lbs. 4.5 lbs has been done, but not without careful planning and a lot of nail-biting. CC hasn’t even reached 4 lbs! YIKERS! There was no use in waiting inevitably for her to only remain tiny. While she is still under a year old, placing her in a home where she could be the princess was Karen’s wish. I had the perfect home in mind to fulfill that wish!

My friend Patti had Ace with her and her family for several months, only to find the marking a bit too much to deal with. A female would be the perfect choice for them and CC fit the bill! They are a social family and CC is a social butterfly. And come to find out, when I brought her to her new home this afternoon – she loves to swim too! Which is a good thing because they have a pool that the family spends a lot of time in. Within an hour of her arrival, she jumped right onto the floaty and enjoyed keeping cool with the rest of us!

They Sure Are Smart!
The Girl's Will Have A Fun Weekend Too!