What an amazing day today for our 8 week old sweeties! They both had their first experience out in the grass in our backyard. With thunderbooms in the distance all day this week, I wanted to get this event checked off of the list as a pleasant experience. I was running out of time since Ebony was going home today! So before the storms started we took them out.

Dixie LOVED it! She ran around and rolled in the dirt, taking in the tastes and smells. Ebony was a bit more reluctant and stayed by me or her mommy Blue, looking for guidance. She played with the banana tree beside our deck but that took a bit of coaxing. After their play session, they each had a nice warm bath, ear cleaning and blow-dry – Loving the drying stage over the rest. They spent the rest of the afternoon in with the girls, enjoying the “big girl” room very much!

Ebony’s new forever family came to pick her up a little bit ago and she immediately began to play with the toy they brought for her and gave kisses. She is going to be such a spoiled princess – PERFECT! And if her sister’s response to being away from her sister is any sign , Ebony is going to do just fine!

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