That’s what my husband has nicknamed Mimosa. As with all of our dogs, he has his own special name for each Chi.  Mimosa is MiMi for short – but he calls her Cream Puff. Why you ask? Well…

The day we brought Ginny home, she was a puffball of fur, carrying a bit of puppy chub. From that moment on, he called her Puff or My Puffer. So the moment he saw Mimosa, he started calling her Cream Puff – a Cream version of his Puff.

Thing is, she has reached the age of the puppy uglies. All of the puppies in her litter are smack-dab in the middle of it. The photo updates I have received show the saaaaaame thing. Their puppy coat is shedding and their adult coats are starting to grow in.  Buddy’s silky coat is to die for – and all of the girls got their daddy’s coat. But like the Ugly Ducking, they go through this awkward stage before the beauty sets in. So she is De-Puffed right now – but I promise she will puff out soon!

Sweet CC
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