Dewey cracks me up. I swear he is a the most unique dog I have ever met. All of his adorable antics could alone fill a daily updated blog! The funny things he does, his precious expressions and the way he goes about his day with no real care in the world – except having me within eye-shot.

Today while working on the computer, I pulled my lapboard up to expose the DewMan and his napping position. He normally crawls UNDER the lapboard between my legs. With the temperatures being as hot as they have been, he gets rather cold from the air from the ceiling fan and A/C. With a temp set at 78 degrees – still rather hot for us humans – I guess the moving air is a bit much for his tiny body.

Being a woman that experiences hot flashes regularly, when I saw how he positioned himself I had to laugh. That would be the dog-version of my sleeping position! Half under the covers with my feet hanging out to cool myself off. Toooo Funny!

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