Dixie meeting BradyNot only was today exciting for Dixie and her new forever family but for me as well. Brady (aka Addington) was coming for a visit. I SO love the chance to see our puppies once they are older. It is a priceless opportunity that I cherish so much. And since he was Blue’s first puppy, it made today’s visit even more special!

Brady grew to be a bit bigger than I guessed but is just as social and playful as I predicted. It is so hard to get an exact adult weight on any puppy but Blue’s pups are very unique. She grows um’ inside AND out with her uber milk. Based on Dixie’s daddy though, I don’t see her getting past 6lbs – which is the perfect size for a new bestest buddy for Brady. He was so excited and tried to play with  her basically from first sight. These two are going to get along WONDERFULLY!

7 Week Cuties!
Ebony Is So Loved!