With all of our puppies in their new forever homes and the girls out of their heats, we are all back to normal around here. Basically, no real news and all is good. And now that we are back to our regular schedule, we can do our scheduled feedings with the whole crew again. That I must say is REALLY nice! And with the whole group together, it is hard to miss our three amigos and their antics.

Dewey, Ace and Mimi are the three slow pokes and the only ones that share their bowls of food. Everyone else sticks to their bowls and systematically go to the back door to go out. Not these guys! They peruse each of their bowls in their own mini-pack and slowly pick out each morsel out one by one. We eventually have to close them in so that when the others finish their potty break and run, they don’t come back in to gobble down the slow-pokes meals.

8 Week Adventures!
Hot Flash Dewey??