I have been feeding my little pack Royal Canin and Natural Balance for forever. They started to show a preference for the Royal Canin over the Natural Balance and have been on the hunt for a natural and healthy replacement since February. I gave the advised Purina Pro Plan a try – they devoured it but I didn’t care for the resulting stools. I realize that many experienced breeders use this food without issue and swear by it, but my Chi’s simply didn’t transition well. So I tried another breeder’s suggestion – Bil-Jac. The Chi’s LOVE IT!!! So much so that I transitioned to Bil-Jac Select Adult only!

They devour Bil-Jac and I have seen a huge difference. Their coats are so silky and soft and interestingly, I have noticed that their watery eyes when the pollen counts are high aren’t as frequent. (unlike myself!!!) I elected the Select Adult because the Small Breed doesn’t have enough calcium for my liking and to my pleasant surprise, the kibble is small and very easy for the Chihuahuas to chew. Also, due to the calcium levels, it is fine for our puppies to eat when they snack on their mommy’s food 🙂

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