…like they owned the place! The friends of our that gave CC a try with their family, puppy-sat little Mimosa while we were off on our camping trip. Today they both came back here to us, with their house being their own “lil vacation spot”. Their home is a bit more active that ours and the girls had a bit of a time adjusting to so many human feet and voices. When you are mere inches off the ground, lots of commotion can be a bit too much to handle.

When they came home, they jumped right into the pack like they never left! Granted, CC hasn’t lived here since she was 8 weeks old but the sights and smells were very much in her brain. She jumped right up onto the couch, her comfy spot. Mimosa ran right to her mommy Ginny, who was equally as excited to see her baby girl, and seemed to bring CC over for an introduction, as if saying, “Hey Mommy! Look at my new friend!” So cute!

Happy Memorial Day!!!
Sweet CC