My training sessions with Ace to get him into the show ring have been going great here at the house and our goal was to enter the Toy Dog Club Of Central Florida and Tampa Bay Chihuahua Club shows in August. Many of you know that I homeschool my children and my son is entering the 7th grade this year. The lesson plans and scope for his middle school lessons require a lot more of my attention than the last couple years so the goal was to complete the training for Ace before the school year kicked off. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to bring him to the Conformation Classes all summer. I decided to bring him to a class this evening to see how he would do.

Unfortunately, the class was canceled. but the night wasn’t a total wash! A very experienced handler was there and he did a bit of one-on-one work with him. He did great on the lead and fabo with his stack – it was when a “stranger” approached that it ALL became very apparent. I failed my lil man by not bringing him to these classes. He simply is not ready just yet. With the school year about to kick off, family comes first and that is where I need to put the majority of my focus. In the meantime, I will work with Ace on the weekends and shoot for more ring time around the first of the year.

A Family Portrait
Oh Yeah! He Is Lovin' It!