MiMi had another bout with reactions to the rabies vaccine last night and then again, one more time today. We haven’t seen it again since and she is finally back to her playful, lovable self.

Vaccine reactions for MimiFor any of you wanting to see what a vaccine reaction looks like, here are a couple photos I snapped. It is so quick that until now, it’s been rather hard to capture. With these pictures, I will also try to explain the progression….

It started with her scratching her head up against anything that she could, as if trying the  scratch out of her own skin. Thanks to her light coat, we could see the next stage happen – Starting with a very pale shade of pink, the skin color darkened to a bright pink. That’s when the welts started to appear, rising the skin all over head. From there, the skin on her face started to swell, mostly around her eyes.

I must tell you, the Benadryl will help as a quick at-home remedy but this really should be followed up by a visit to your veterinarian for a more instant solution of cortisone. And if your dog does have a reaction, I would suggest you have your vet write up the details in your dog’s file – and be sure to ask for an exemption for the rabies vaccine in the future!

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