I got a call  this week from Mrs. Garcia with some concerns over sweet CC. She absolutely adores her and hated making the call, but her puppy energy is just a bit too much for her to handle. CC plays a darting game at the door and she is afraid one time she won’t be able to stop her and CC could get hurt – or lost.  So today we drove out to Lady Lake to pick her up and bring her home.

The moment CC laid her eyes upon me, she practically jumped into my arms. That’s quite a height to jump for her! She gave me tons of kisses and was beyond excited to see me! SO Sweet! We promised Mrs. Garcia we would find her the perfect match – a more laid-back and subdued Chi.

Since we were in the area, I decided to bring MiMi so that she could get her rabies vaccine. Dr. Mario gave her a quick but through exam and then her shot. Now in the past, some of Ginny’s pups have had reactions to vaccines. Dewey had reactions from his rabies! But they have always shown up within minutes of the vaccine being administered. Doc then gives an injection of cortisone and all would be well. Poor MiMi’s reaction didn’t appear until almost 2 hours after! We were actually still on the drive home when she puffed up and turned every shade of pink. POOR THING! A quick call to his office and a stop at the drug store, we gave her some Benadryl in the car and a cool bath after we got home.

I Love My Vet!!!
Day Two Is Better