Mimosa has learned a lot from our other dogs – specifically Ace and Dewy. Not sure if it is because they are related to her or if it’s because they are the closest in size but she watches the to boys constantly. She mimics their movements and watches for signs when it comes to pack activities and play. She has learned about which toys she can play with, where in the backyard to find the best sticks, to stand at the gate to be picked up at bed time and how to maneuver for the best bowl at feedings.

Today while playing out in the yard, she sat and watched Dewey digging a hole in the dirt. She just watched intensely, each step of the move, and then also as he walked away when he was done. That’s when it got funny! She watched to make sure he didn’t see her and then took her own stab at the hole. I have to admit, she was much more successful and she doubled the size of the hole rather quickly. Looks like we have another digger in the bunch!

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