At 3 lbs 12 ozs, CC is a very tiny dog that as I have explained, is on the shy side. When she opened up so quickly to her new family, I knew in my heart that she was in the perfect home and in time, she would adjust to their lives and schedules. Unfortunately, our schedule here may have inadvertently caused a horrible situation for her new family. They were taking the girls out for a walk and had yet to clip on CC’s harness and leash when they opened the door. Thing is, in our house, the dogs have free access to the door leading out to the backyard. We open that door with excitement and out they dart. The excitement in their voice as they opened their FRONT door and CC’s lack of experience with how THEY run things led to her darting out into the neighborhood in the dark of night. They spent hours looking for her and her shyness mixed with what I am sure was pure panic, lead to no one being able to find her. This was FIVE days ago!

I have heard of dogs getting out and surviving on their own for a night or two – but five? Missing dog signs, calls to the shelters and searching the neighborhood was a constant but as the days passed, we all starting loosing hope. That was until the call they got yesterday morning saying that she was found!!!

She lost some weight, was a bit dehydrated and in need of a bath, but as soon as she saw her new people – she never let them out of her sight! A check by their vet says she is fine and is quite the tough cookie to go through what she did. I don’t think she will be darting out the door again! And when I saw this photo I had to chuckle. They have her leashed!!! Just in case she feels the urge, a collar with a tag and a leash to grab is about as safe as she can get!

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