CC has always been on the shy side and has her favorite people that she will run to for cuddles and affection. She was also very close to Dewey and Ace – but with her being in heat, they have had to be separated from her. She has had to make “new best friends” now and it has been amazing to watch.

It started with Colada, following her everywhere and napping with her every chance she could get. One by one,  as the girls started to enter their heat cycles, the “dominating” began. I fully expected her to be the submissive one. Ginny glommed onto her almost immediately. (which is quite the sight I must say!)  But now she too has been taking turns with the others, bonding with all of the girls in the house. She truly has blossomed into a social dog’s dog! So cool to see!

Still Not Too Sure!
Playin The Field?