Man oh man has this heat season been an odd one. Ginny entered standing heat earlier than anticipated, Colada went back into heat way too early, Capri will let any female climb onto her back end but growls viciously when a male gets close and now Baby shows no swelling or discharge even though she is humping everything that moves and is due to come into heat.

But Baby has been around here long enough to see the separation of the girls as a way to work the situation into her favor. She is our dominant female and has shown her place in the pack through her humping. When you watch her in action you can see just how exhausting it is. She has actually trimmed her stocky shape over the last few weeks!!! And a work out like that with such extremely hot temperatures, the tile floor in the kitchen is the best way to cool oneself.

Playin The Field?
Gotta Love Benadryl