Since Cosmo was a pup, he has been obsessed with toys. He carries them everywhere he goes and will drag each and every one out of the toy box. Once a week, we must walk the backyard and gather the plethora of toys he has scattered everywhere. It’s much easier to do in the living room by the way. If there isn’t a dog toy handy, he will find something in lieu of a toy (I have seen him with a tube sock, hair brush, a stick from outside and even a glue stick!) and bring it as he greets anyone that walks in the house. It’s so sweet!

Today I was on the kitchen floor scrubbing and up trotted Cos with a toy in mouth. I know he didn’t understand that I was busy at work nor that I really didn’t have time to play. But how could I refuse his adorable request? The moment I decided to begin playing a game of toss, he was the happiest doggy on earth!

Her Coat Is Comin In
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