The story is sweet and a tad bit long but it is one I cannot keep from sharing. Often times the stars align and bring people together in a way that you could only truly appreciate if you were there.  Days after Ginny and Buddy tied, I had a chance meeting with a fellow homeschooling parent who also had a child fascinated with animals and wished to be a vet when they grew up. One topic led to another and that is when the great minds united and devised a plan to give a little girl the chance of a life time – The chance to help assist me with Ginny’s whelping.

The past 57 days have been spent building up to the excitement of the impending litter. Today, Roz and her family came over to meet us – Human and Dogs – Allowing everyone to get acquainted. We all had a fabulous visit and also a chance to give her an early birthday gift.

Mi Mi is such a sweet and affection puppy but as we have watched her grow, her shy demeanor has made us reevaluate our original plan to hold her for our program. Her and Capri are two females that we think could use more of the one-on-one attention a family home could provide, helping them build more self-confidence. Roz picked MiMi to give a go and she took her home with her tonight. I was so happy to see our sweet girl already more confident as she was carried out the door to their car. And I cannot wait to hear all of the updates on her progress. She is still a pup and has a lot more maturing to do. We all hope that she blossoms into the amazing dog we know that she can be. Of course, Roz will be back within the next week to be my assistant. We are ALL now on Ginny watch!

Free Reign Again
Our Resident Best Friend