In past litters, by day 45 Ginny has totally popped. Of course, her normal litter size is five. The fact that she simply is NOT as big as she has been in the past helps firm up my guess of two puppies baking in there. Now she may not be as big as I have seen but she has still reached the uncomfy point. She can usually be found sprawled out completely, stretching her belly and laying on her side.

Today, I giggled as I watched her try to find a napping spot on the doggy beds in the sun. Normally she could wiggle her way in and lay down comfortably. With so many other dogs in the room, her spread-out space was limited. She paced from side to side, looking for her chance. When she finally realized it wasn’t gonna happen, she plopped her back-end down to the floor and appeared to sigh with disappointment – and discomfort.

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