I so love when the girls know exactly what to do! About 4:30 this afternoon, while napping on the couch, Ginny sat straight up with the tell-tale heavy panting. After nesting a bit, she got up and walked right over to the gate to go upstairs. That is where we whelp all of our pups. She knew it was time, so upstairs we went.

Normally we deliver in my bedroom. Now that our oldest moved out, we have a spare bedroom that also makes an ideal “quiet” nursery/whelping room. She and I have spent some time up there over the last few weeks, in preparation for today. For some reason, now that the wheels are in motion, she kept begging to get into my room. So up into my bed we went to wait for Stage 2 to begin. That could take another 12 hours! So here we sit. Rosalind is on her way and now we ALL get to wait.

New Day Same Old Story!