Just as I pack up my whelping supplies, I packed up the doggy travel gear for our weekend camping trip at Tomoka State Park. Ginny and the pups are comfy, safe and alone in our back bedroom. The rest of the dogs are in the main portion of the camper and are taking in the new sights. We are rather close to the water and this park has a really nice dog walking area – I see many doggy walks in our weekend!

We also had the idea of using the X-Pen more on our camping trips now that the temperatures are more comfy. Being on Ginny watch all week, I was unable to make it out to pick up a canopy tent to place over the pen to keep the sunlight down. Quick, last minute thinking inspired me to grab the beach umbrella I had in the garage. We will have to see how it works out tomorrow!

The Sweetest Eyes
By Golly It Worked!