We all headed down to Key West today and I decided to bring my shadow, Dewey, along for the adventure. Spending time with me since we got here has been at a minimum so some alone time was just what he needed. Alone with me and the gazillion other tourists here for the holiday weekend.

Our tiny Chihuahua Dewey on Duvall Street in Key WestHe enjoyed a bit of shopping for trinkets and such and then explored Duvall Street. I know there are many humans out there that have a story to share about the uber tiny Chihuahua they saw walking around Key West. Many of the street entertainers stopped us as well as those passing, seeing his either on his leash or in my doggy purse.

He did so well and enjoyed all of the attention that is for sure. From the ice cream covered fingers of the little kids that pet him to the sweet and affectionate rub downs from men and women alike that fell in love with his adorableness.

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