We left this afternoon for our annual Thanksgiving camping trip and this one involved a very long drive. Eight hours to be exact. We drove down to Long Pine Key and arrived at Bahia Honda State Park with only two quick gas fill-up stops. Our dogs are totally used to long trips in the car but this was a huge test on Ginny’s boys. We laid a pee-pad in the back of the car next to a crate with the door open. They actually walked out of the crate to potty on the pad!!! SOOO Proud!

About half way through the drive, the boys whined enough for us to bring them up to our laps for the last half. That’s also about the time that I realized that I forgot the x-pen to keep the pups separated from the rest of the dogs. They have been so great at the house with semi-free-reign, they should do just fine for the next five days. When I put them into the camper after their potty break, they both walked right up to a doggy bed and turned in for the night.

6 Week Old Balls Of Fluffy Fun
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