Ginny's puppies cuddling on the ride home

The boys are 8 weeks old today so I scheduled a visit with Doc for their vaccines and health certificates.  With an 8 hour drive already under their belt, the just under 2 hour drive was a breeze! They did awesome both during the drive AND during the exam! And since they both still weigh under 2 pounds, it looks like they will be with us a bit longer.  I am sure they will be in their new forever homes soon enough though!

Both were given a perfect bill of health and were cute as ever! So much so that I had to stop to snap a photo of their adorable cuteness during the drive home. They became much more accustom to being out of a crate in the car after our trip to The Keys, so we brought a doggy bed for them to lay in for this ride. The crashed about halfway home in this precious position. Toooo stinkin’ cute!

This Is Only Temporary
It's Time