I have told all my puppy families about the  amazing deal on doggy steps from Walgreens but they have become very, VERY hard to find. I know my local Walgreens hasn’t carried them for over a year now.  I swore once I found them, I would buy them out!

I stopped in at the CVS on University Blvd. today to get me a water and happened to need to go down the dog aisle to get to the coolers. Voila! They had their very own doggy steps for $9.99!!! I BOUGHT FIVE!!!

So all my ChiChi loving friends – run to CVS – I mean RUN and get at least two sets.  They make couch cuddles and bedtime siestas a breeze and are what I consider a must-have in all Chihuahua homes. You will thank me when your Chi gets older – These steps will help ease their joints and hips for sure!

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