My youngest son has taken on flag football this year and their team elected to name themselves the Gators. This inspired me to add another project to my sewing pile. I have been sewing a huge number of harness vests for the last couple weeks. I have a new design that allows for a bit more flexibility when it comes to the size measurements and honestly, I think they fit a lot better than my first design. I promised myself I would have the racks filled with the new harness vests by the first of the year (I was off by 3 days – not too bad) and am proud to announce I have many new adorable prints available.

Anywho – the Gators – I used the new design and this fabric I found at Joanns to make Dewey and Ace a harness for game days. Toooo cute aye? They turned out really nice and made our two little guys the perfect little mascots.

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