Our Chihuahua Puppy Nirvana begging for food

My husband has had a rather odd work schedule lately and the chance to catch up with the news in the comforts of his fluffy couch have been rare. Bringing his plate of dinner to the couch has become rather common with these changes and the dogs have taken a liking to it, that is for sure.

Unfortunately, Nirvana may have picked up a less than polite habit from this. He jumps right onto the back of the couch cushion and then right up onto my husband’s shoulder to BEG for a taste. When I say beg I mean paw, lick the ear and throw in a whine or two. The rest of our dogs will sit around the plate, waiting patiently for a possible dropped morsel. This little guy is persistent though. Ignoring him has been the lesson thus far – He has yet to get a taste but still the smells drive him wild!

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