Our anxious Chihuahuas have made camping trips a bit nerve-wracking in the past. Blue bounces and beats her front paws on the camper door – non-stop – if left inside without any of us. Dude barks non-stop when in the same situation but for a different reason. Blue wants to be with my daughter but Dude just wants to be outside.

Over time, we learned that if we tie their leads to our belt loops and keep them with us the insanity ends. This weekend we added Capri to the “tied to us” list and gave her some much needed lead training.  Last night the three of them crashed before the sun went down, not making a peep until this morning. Ceaser always says to exercise them right? Being tied to us seems to poop them out and keep the anxiety to a minimum, leaving us all with an awesome and restful camping trip in St. Augustine.

A Party Of Our Own!
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