I started to see the signs early this morning. Around 3:30 am, Colada started begging to get up into my bed as opposed to being in the whelping box with Absolute. She hadn’t left her puppy’s side for ANYTHING, until then. She started whining and pacing too, going from begging to get up into my bed, then running back to cuddle up with Absolute. I continued her feedings, every 30 minutes, but her strength was clearly fading. Absolute went peacefully at 6:42 this morning. So very, very sad.

Colada knew the inevitable, but her body and hormones keeps telling her that she still has babies to tend too. She has spent the day with us downstairs, but continuously begging to get upstairs to search for them. As the hours pass, her requests lessen, but still, you can tell she her heart in hurting none the less.


We Are Loosing This Battle
The Bluurrrs