Absolute made it through the night but there is a bit too much weight loss for my liking. Puppies usually loose a bit from their birth-weight in the first day or two, but she simply didn’t have enough to loose! She is down to 1 7/8 ounces and all of the places that are usually a nice shade of pink after day one are still red. Bottle feeding seems to fill her belly but she isn’t retaining any. When I go back for her next feeding she is frail and dehydrated. I will increase her feedings to every 30 minutes and try tube feeding if I continue to see weight loss. I have also placed heated, damp towels in the whelping box to try to keep things moist. Colada has tried her best to keep her hydrated, licking every chance she can get. She tucks her in as close as possible and keeps her at the right temperature but she cools within seconds of being pulled out for her feedings. I tried seeing if she can latch to mommy and she simply doesn’t have the strength. Poor poor baby!!

Getting Ready To Fight
We Are Loosing This Battle