We along with many other families we know are huge Gator fans and with March Madness in the air, I am in the process of making some custom Florida Gator harnesses for all the Chihuahuas in our extended family and our own! That’s quite the pile of blue and orange aye?

When I made the first batch of Gator harnesses for my son’s football games, I got several requests of onesies and twosies for Gators and even a request for a Seminoles harness, but this is, by far, the largest pile to date. Because the fabric is licensed, I cannot sell any in my ChiChi Gear section. But if you have a request for a college or NFL team, shoot me a message and I can sew it if you buy the fabric and send it to me! In the mean time….off to sewing the outer edges and Velcro on 24 Gator harnesses I go!

Rock Lobster
Busy, BUSY Day!