With about three weeks to go, Colada finally POPPED! When I say popped I mean, her belly expanded and you can actually feel bulges in her abdomen. When a female experiences her first pregnancy, they usually take a bit longer to show. After their first, the signs appear much quicker! Colada is moving along beautifully and has started to also slow down on her playtime and activities. She seems to be spending a lot more time napping and lounging than anything else – Oh yeah – and cleaning herself. Looks like I need to set up the whelping box and get her used to what will be her new home for the next month!

And while Colada IS expecting, Blue will soon be. We have planned on breeding her to Ace this heat and just like clockwork, her cycle started this week. She is an expert  at the whole process and will be able to pick up the teasing where Capri left off and if all goes as planned, we should have our second litter of the year due around Mother’s Day!

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