I spent the day at Karen’s today, with several dogs and ideas in tow.┬áRane came along for even more socialization. The change in environment, the exposure to new sights, smells, sounds and of course, dogs – and a chance to visit with her buddy Angel! She made herself at home rather quickly and joined in Karen’s pack easily. Finding a rawhide and relaxing with it in a sunspot was awesome to watch, but the most interesting thing to witness was her getting her “play” on while riling up the 9 week old litter of pups in the room. She was soooo sweet with them! This even inspired Angel to come out and play.

Our Chihuahua Chicatoo getting a bath with Pure Paws grooming products lineLast but not least, Chicatoo came with to visit her mommy Chica and of course her human grandma, who wanted to do a bit of an experiment herself. Having read rave reviews about the Pure Paws grooming products line, Karen wanted to give it a go for her show potential Chihuahuas. With Chicatoo’s coat coming in so beautifully, a dip in the bath to show me how great the products work was in order. WOW! She wasn’t kidding! Chicatoo’s coat was so fluffy and shiny! Count me in on placing an order for the entire line! Very impressed!

The Weekend Did It's Job
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