As I have explained in the past, our Chihuahuas have a bad habit of following my husband to the couch as he carries his plate in to eat. Of course, HE has a bad habit of feeding them bits and pieces as he eats as well! Today’s “habit” has to do with the liquid portions of my husband’s dinner and it just so happened to be a full glass of milk.

After Dude stood with the pack, surrounding the dinner plate he must have gotten his fill because I watched him slyly sneak over to the coffee table to check things out. He put his nose right into that cup of milk and started to lick away! No lactose intolerance here I tell ya! More like lactose love! He licked and slurped so much that he eventually got his head stuck in the cup! Little shit! He worked so hard at getting to the milk, we had to help him finished the last few drops!

Spring Season Is Here!
It Happened Overnight