If you haven’t seen the movie UP! you will totally not get the story I am about the share. If you have, follow along and you too will giggle….

We live in a house that is surrounded by several large Oak trees. With such woodsy surroundings comes creatures that call our yard home. We have hawks, possum, raccoons, squirrels and the occasional owl. Yes, some are animals that we must remain in constant lookout for but others have become too accustom to our canine residents. So much so that they are confident enough to tease our poor Chihuahuas until they are shaking! You guessed it – the SQUIRRELS!

The use the railings on our back deck to travel to and fro, which just so happens to leave them right in the line of sight for the dogs. It is usually Dude that hears the pitter-patter of their tiny little feet and I swear you can hear that “SQUIRREL” announcement (like in UP!) in his bark. this special squirrel bark is what alerts all of the other dogs in our house to come running and look. That’s just what they do too! I snapped this photo today while the big tease sat up in the tree right outside the back door and I swear I could see him smirking as he looked down at the dogs barking intently to get to him. Yes, I haven’t taken the chairs off the table since our last leaf sweeping – so chairs aside, this photo captured the intense SQUIRREL screams from 10+ Chihuahuas!

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