My husband and I took off this afternoon for a bit of exploring and we brought Dewey along as well. He is always happiest at my side and has endured some rather unique adventures over the years. Today’s excursion added to his list, that is for sure!

Dewey drinking from the water fountain at Tomoka State ParkWhile checking out Tomoka’s campground, we discovered a few paths leading out to private fishing spots on the Halifax River. Steering clear from all of the Jelly Fish invading the shores, Dewey checked out a few tiny crabs and the wet sand. I am not sure which brought on his excitement more, but either way, it was apparent he needed a drink of water. The unique drinking fountain was the perfect solution to his hydration problem! It was quite the funny sight to say the least!

He wasn’t the only one tired by the campground adventure so we got into the car to venture out further into the park. One of the places we discovered was the Tomoka Basin, another secluded area, where the beach was lined with the shade of Palm Trees. Simply too enticing to not partake in ! We sat there watching the boats go by and the people fishing for about 45 minutes. Relaxing and beautiful – THIS is why we love camping in Florida!

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