And a first for us. Camping with only four of the dogs had its positives and negatives. Yes, it made dog walking time a lot shorter and we had a lot more room in our beds at night. We didn’t have our “needy” dog with us so no Chihuahuas attached to us at all times. I think that was the biggest difference.

The dogs we did have with us are small enough to carry when needed and they could sit outside with us quietly on our laps. And this morning, as we packed everything up to head back home, the three boys who normally would wait patiently on the inside of the camper (the needy ones are normally out at this time) got to be out with us and enjoy nature! They really seemed to enjoy it a lot!

We all commented though that not having the other dogs just wasn’t the same. We did miss them – Their anxiety attacks and all! Lessons learned from the lighter load? We need to give ALL of them the chance to be outside more. Perhaps a rotating schedule for campsite leash time?


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