Here is the tip of the century. Actually, Karen shared it with me a while back but since we implemented it, we have found it to be a lifesaver.

A glass vase on the pee-pad makes for a perfect “fire hydrant” for the intact boys to lift and mark on. With me picking up my second round of vases, here are my added tips to the brilliant idea…

  • It must be glass. If it were plastic boy would it get stinky!
  • A wider, rounded base in the key. That way the urine can roll down the glass and of course, more of a target for the boys.
  • With a price under $2.00, pick up a few, especially if you have ceramic tile flooring! We have a rather active house and the vase being knocked over is highly possible – more like probable!
  • Center the vase on the pee-pad, allowing for all the urine to stay on the pad!
  • Get ready for odd looks from people who visit your home and look at a flower vase sitting on a pee-pad. Once you explain, the “ah-ha moment” will follow.
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