Ace and Dewey are my shadow and there are two things that throw them into panic for mommy – When the girls are in heat and when I am in whelping mode. They also are our gate escapees so they sit in nervous mode outside the closed door to the OTHER room I am in.

For the first time in several days I have been on the couch and in chill mode, catching up on record keeping paperwork. (One litter can kill a tree – I have two!)  This is the point where the boys usually jump up onto my lap and shoulders. As I sat there and no little pitter patter occurred, I went on the hunt to find out why.  THIS is what I found! Both boys crashed and they were OUT! I am left to assume that all the running up and down the steps to check on what I am doing must have completely tuckered them out!

A Funny While We Wait
Frisco is 2 Weeks Old