I woke to the whelping yelp at 10:30 this morning, and looked down to the foot of my bed to find my amazing husband, surgical gloves and all, helping Blue in full blown, stage two of her whelping. After allowing me enough time to have a cup of coffee (3 hours of sleep and a sinus migraine requires a full-lead cup o’ joe!!) I headed back upstairs to check on her progress. She followed her normal pattern of whelping on day 65, but once she starts pushing, it usually takes less than an hour for the puppy to be out. It took 45 minutes for the water sack to break after she pushed it out but there was no puppy in the birth canal immediately afterwards. She seemed a bit panicked and nervous. After the two day experience with Capri, I think it is only human to have the worse-case-scenario pop into my head.

Blue is another one of our females that wants me near her while she whelps. Needy is the best way to describe her. In the wild, dogs want compete privacy. When there is an long wait for a puppy to be delivered, leaving them alone is always the best option. We came downstairs to give her just that, waiting anxiously for the one hour mark. It didn’t take but 20 minutes for her to come running down with excitement to make her announcement – MY PUPPY IS HERE!!

All on her own, she delivered her single male puppy. A stunning solid black boy weighing in at 5 3/4 ounces. He has just a bit of white on his chest and on the tips of his toes. Soooo cute!


Oh My Word!
The Porker In The House