Today is the official first day of mommy watching. It is Blue’s day 58, so at any time, she could whelp! This is always a time of excitement and anxiety around here. We watch for the signs and are on high alert. We look for changes in eating habits (they usually stop eating as delivery approaches), their body temperature becomes cool to the touch, their breathing sounds labored (more than normal, carrying all that extra weight) and then the tell-tale panting and pacing. Blue and Capri are only six days apart so as soon as Blue’s litter is here, we go right back into this mode with Capri.

Blue is still munching away, but with her hiding underway, I know it will be soon. She normally pushes it to day 64 so I am in no major rush. Her past litters have all arrived the same way with all of her typical signs. The only thing that I find to be rather unique with this litter is her smaller belly size. Blue pops out close to 7 ounce puppies – That is huge in the Chihuahua world. She bakes um on the inside and they slow down once out. She also has never had over two puppies in her litters. So with all of that said, her belly bulge on the right side is smaller than usual. Ace may have been our puppy size reducer when it comes to Blue. She either has two small pups both in the right horn, or one 6-6 ouncer in there.

Just As I Predicted
Blue's Belly Shot