Between puppy poop cleanups, raging female heat blockades and oh yeah – Puppy Poop – I have been at my sewing table, trying to find the perfect solution for my creative dilemma. I made the most adorable doggy dresses that I call “Cocktail Dresses”. I had this retro cocktail party look in mind and that they do deliver! (Yes, I know – I have been a very bad girl and haven’t added them to the Chi Gear section yet! SORRY!)

When ever I make a new design, I use our own dogs as the guinea pigs to test out durability, strength and use. The dresses are adorable as ever but simply do not have the strength to add a D-Ring to turn them into a harness. More fabric was needed around the chest and neck area to make them harness-worthy. But adding more fabric would take away fro the dainty look of the dress. See my dilemma?

I have been working on this new design and made my entire range of specialty sizes (the reason I make what I make in the first place!) and I think I have found the perfect solution! Baby was my model and she wore it for over 3 hours, prancing around the entire afternoon yesterday. I now need to do a trial run on my dogs and see if they stand up to the test! If they do, I will be adding them to our line of dog harnesses by the end of the summer. In the mean time, I PROMISE to get the Cocktail Dresses up. 🙂

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