Ginny and Baby have seriously been the best of friends since the day they met. They look out for each other, nap and play together – Even share their found snacks! Watching them together is always entertaining and quite enlightening!

I had the puppies in the kitchen this afternoon – The same room we keep our in-heat females in. Since Baby is still in the tail-end of her heat, she has been staying in there. Ginny has no need to be in the kitchen, except to be with her best doggy friend. I watched these two watch the puppies and then clean each others ears… and then watch the puppies… (you get the drift here right) and I had to giggle. They reminded me of two old biddies, watching the younger mommy’s tending to their babies and gossiping. That’s when I realized Ginny is the grandma to both litters and could also be watching the pups with pride! Nahhhhh…biddies!

Alpha Power!
Noting The Ripeness