We have been feeding the puppies their Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy Food in their pen for the last five weeks. Keeping the puppy food away from the adults is one of the reasons they are fed in there. (Puppy food is a huge treat that our dogs will do anything to get at). The other reason is because of their tiny size, I free feed them. Our adults are fed on a schedule. Using a puppy feeding dish, we keep it filled with food, designating it as the “kid’s table” since they all can gather around it and eat together.

Tonight as we fed the adults, the puppies were out of the pen for one of their play sessions and they happened to hear the kibble hitting the bowls in the kitchen. To the food sounds they ran! From there it was rather interesting to see how the new experienced played out!

First, they all ran to their mom’s food bowl. She willingly shared her dinner with her babies, (and don’t think she hasn’t enjoyed a breakfast and lunch of their puppy food, so she wasn’t going to starve!)  and all five of them gathered around the tiny dipping bowl like they do the huge puppy dish! Devouring each and every morsel, they scanned the room to watch as other dogs walked away from their bowls with their full bellies to go outside for their potty runs. Slowly they would venture to the un-dogged bowls and finish any scraps left behind. They shared, they were polite and they got to eat with the adults – A perfect 9 week old experience!


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