I made a batch of my new harness dresses for our girls to wear for our test run on our next camping trip, using a fun zebra pattern with a hot pink bow. Cute aye? Well, when ever I make a batch for our dogs, I always make an xxxxx small to have on hand for any puppies we may have with us on our trips. Since Dewey is my xxxxx small model, often times, he has to try on my designs for me to check the fit.  Poor little guy! I am sure he must know he is sportin’ a frilly, girly  outfit! He must!!! He trying to get out of it, but lets just say, he wasn’t boastfully showing it off by any means!

If all goes as planned, I will have this new design available for purchase in the fall – Just in time for your holiday shopping lists!

Patriotic and Political Pride!
This CAN'T Be Comfortable!