The 8 week mark for puppies is always bitter sweet for us humans. After two whole months of bonding with them as they grow, we adore each and every puppy born here and do get a bit sad when they walk out the door with their new forever family. So many families send us regular updates, allowing us a sneak peek into how they have grown and their happy lives. But the chance to have one go so close and us actually getting to SEE them growth? PRICELESS!!! Little Frisco has gone home with Karen, to join her amazing program and he will be able to come back here for visits now and then. So very, VERY Cool!

And now that Blue’s puppy is no longer here, it has been interesting to watch the two mommy’s vie for the care of the remaining pups. They are all technically Capri’s, but Blue has taken them over since they were 4 weeks old. Capri can get in with, nurses and plays with them, but it usually starts with a warning growl from Blue. Capri submissively backs down to Blue and normally spends the night on the couch or begs to sleep upstairs with us while Blue sleeps with the puppies.  I was very curious to see how Capri would handle the things now that Blue’s puppy was no longer in the mix.

Things have completely flipped-flopped. Blue is now the one begging to come upstairs with us at night and Capri stays in the pen with the pups. She growls at Blue when she tries to jump in with her babies and submits to Capri.  Blue is allowed in with them during the day and she still takes advantage of their naptimes. And interestingly enough, for the first time, she isn’t having panic attacks with from the “loss” of  her puppies like she has in the past. She normally hunts for them throughout the house, looking everywhere! For the first time, she seems very content and at peace with her puppy gone, filling her need to nurture with visits with Capri’s pups.

Happy 4th of July!
Not At The Kid's Table Tonight!