While on our breeding adventure yesterday, Cathy from Arf! Chihuahuas came along too. She had a very special package of treats and toys for our crew and I swear, the moment they saw them after I got home, you could see their ears ad eyes sparkle with delight. The treats brought them to an instant “sit” and are now the coveted rewards that I will not give out on a whim.

And the toys? I dare not divvy the all up at once, I pulled out a couple of the braided ropes and within seconds, the games began.  These toys can keep our crew entertained for hours. Eventually, we tied one around dude’s neck like a necklace for our own entertainment. Watching him try to get it off to play with was for our own amusement. I swear you could see this thought process on his face…..

DAAAAANG! I want that toy!

Man, get this off so I can play with it

Well, as long as it is on my neck it’s mine. Guess I will play with it later

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The Yard Guards
Power Play