Our two remaining puppies are in the tweenage stage and with them being here until the age of 15 weeks, I have had an opportunity to really watch and assess their growth and maturity.  It has been a wonderful gift as a breeder, giving me a chance to see how they develop past the 12 week mark. This is what I always refer to as “the puppy uglies”.

Frisco has grown bigger than we originally anticipated, making him the perfect family pet. I estimate his adult weight to be closer to the 6lb mark. He is sturdy and very square – A stop to die for! He so looks like his mommy Blue, but his slight under bite has now given him character – His own unique trait! And now that he is closing in on the 4 month mark, he is starting to loose his fluffy puppy coat. With his mom being a dilute, his splotchies are upon us, paving the way for his stunning adult coat. He is loyal and generous with his requests for belly rubs. He is confident and playful, but gets startled sometimes with new sounds and people, something we are still working on. A family environment would be perfect for his socialization and growth.

Divalicious took a surprising turn in the size department. This entire litter’s adult size has been based on guesstimate since it is the parent’s first breeding. Knowing the genetics of parents and grandparents helped me with my estimates but from which side those genes would ultimately come from was unknown. When it comes to this little sweetie, daddy’s side ALL THE WAY! The major slow down definitely came from her grandma Ginny, this is exactly the same growth pattern as Ace. They grow, grow, grow at normal pace until about 12 weeks and then slow down to a snails pace. She has gained less than an ounce in the last three weeks. Officially 2lb 3/8 of an ounce, she is going to be very tiny Chihuahua. And her personality has grown more into a “Licious” than a “Diva” She is uber sweet and affectionate, wanting nothing but to be with her humans. Giving kisses and cuddling is her life!

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