Diva going home to be spoiled by WendyToday was Diva’s turn to warm hearts and bond with her new forever family! Wendy fell in love with Diva’s sweet face in her photos but had her mom come check her out in person, confirming she was everything she thought and then some! Living across the country didn’t stop her ability to see for herself – Thank goodness for Skype! It was like they were in our living room fr the visit! I really need to start using Skype more for our waiting list families, that is for sure!

Needless to say, Diva (aka, some new name) will be making her way to Arizona to warm Wendy and her family’s hearts in person in the next few weeks but in the meantime, her mom will keep up with her socialization. They are all Chihuahua lovers! Three with Diva’s new grandma and grandpa and two new brothers – Buster and Blue – Will be waiting with waggly tails for her arrival!

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