Montana and Kim have been wanting to add a little one to their family and originally we spoke about a younger puppy. When families contact me about bringing home one of our pups, my main goal is to match temperament with lifestyle. As much as a photo is a nice way to SEE what a puppy looks like, my blog is a often times a better way to really read what the pup is like – appearance aside. These two obviously see the importance of the day-to-day ramblings I add and switched gears, asking me for more information on our sweet Frisco – The special boy who would take a day or so to ever show the real him to a stranger – He would also take a family who had faith in him and and me, because the pup they would meet would not be the pup they brought home and worked with. He needs one-on-one attention as the only dog to help him boost his confidence. Well, it looks like we may have found that very special family and I could not be happier!

Frisco is on his way to warming their hearts in less than a day! Honestly, I think he stole some hearts even as he shook in fear when Kim arrived. She brought him home for a trial run until the end of the month and within the drive home, he already gained some bravado! SO happy for EVERYONE!

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