We have a lot going on today and a lot to share! First, we moved Ginny and the six puppies downstairs in a pen setup next to Colada’s and her pups. It didn’t take long for our 3 weekers to waddle out of the crate and over to the pee-pad to potty! YAHOOO!!! First steps to Puppy Kindergarten mastered! That is a fabulous sign!

And as I watched them all cuddle up in a huddle for their afternoon nap, I headed back to packing. Our first Fall camping trip of the year is finally here and we are a couple hours away from pulling out. With so many puppies in tow, we thought it best to ask our dear friend Karen if she could dog sit for us. Eight puppies and one in heat female quickly turned into. “Hey, how ’bout all of the girls staying and add house sitting to the weekend too?” Sounded like the perfect plan to me! So while we are out gallivanting around Flagler Beach, Karen, the girls and the pups will have their own mini vacation here!

Lay, Lady Lake
They Were Busy